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Our team of Romanian lawyers acknowledge how important it is to offer to all our clients the optimal value of our services quality for the gained benefits. That means to offer quality assistance and law consultancy in a way that satisfies the clients’ expectancies and which will lead to the success of their business.

Using the services of our law firm, you will benefit from the assistance of all our collaborators, which have over 15 years of experience in the law field and are very considerate to client’s needs.

Practice Areas:
– business and commercial law;
– mergers and acquisitions;
bankruptcy and restructuring;
real estate and constructions;
international private law;
– IT and internet;
– intellectual property and trademarks;
Romanian labor law; Romanian family law;
Romanian tax law;
– outsourcing;
competition regulations;
Romanian administrative law;
Romanian criminal law;
– litigation;
investments in Romania;


Registered Office

In order to set up a Romanian company, you will need a headquarters.
Our Law Office will provide this service for your company to be headquartered fast and efficient, if the company does not have one.

A virtual office service includes:

  • a company address in downtown Bucharest for business meetings …
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Corporate Legal Services

Our company solicitors assist businesses in purchasing other businesses whether incorporated on unincorporated. Our company and corporate department is involved in setting up companies limited by shares and advising on buying and selling businesses. We also advise on amendments and implications of memoranda of association and articles of association; shareholders agreements and directors’ and trustees’ responsibilities…

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Debt Collection in Romania

Our Romanian lawyers have the experience in debt recovery amiably or by reaching litigation. We are proud to be recommended by Romanian and foreign companies and individuals, which have appealed to our legal services in this matters during the years. We understand that the recovery of debts is a very difficult process that requires time, skill, financial resource and may endanger the existing business relationships between partners.

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Insolvency & Liquidation

The Romanian legal framework on insolvency procedure has been consistently improved following the enactment of Insolvency Law no. 85, which entered into force on 21 July 2006. Insolvency and bankruptcy are two different concepts in Romanian legislation.

As to Law 85, there are two different procedures with respect to a company which finds itself …

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Visa, Immigration and Business License

The international Citizen information page on Romania immigration and immigrating to Romania legal services.

Foreign citizens immigrate to Romania for different reasons. Some people immigrate to Romania for work. Others move to Romania to find a better life and seek out Romania citizenship. Here you will find complete information about Romania immigration

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Real Estate in Romania

Our team of Romanian lawyers offer a wide variety of legal services in the real estate law, such as:

  • Acquisition and alienation of real property (land and buildings);
  • Acquisition, sale and development of real estate projects;
  • Documentation for obtaining building permits;
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