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Our Romanian lawyers have the experience in debt recovery amiably or by reaching litigation. We are proud to be recommended by Romanian and foreign companies and individuals, which have appealed to our legal services in this matters during the years. We understand that the recovery of debts is a very difficult process that requires time, skill, financial resources and may endanger the existing business relationships between partners.

Our Romanian attorneys will identify the real legal and economic situation of the debtor.  The debt recovery procedures we recommend are:

  1. Amicable settlement: As our Romanian lawyers understand that this is a mandatory step to the law and to mostly of our clients, we will initiate negotiations, establish direct meetings depending on each debtor’s receptivity, and any communication by email, fax and telephone.
  2. Legal action / litigation: The legal action is done based on Ordinance No. 5 / 2001– on the procedure for summon of payment, which is shorter and faster than normal proceedings. Additionally, there is the legal petition based on common law procedure, regulated by the Romanian Commercial Code.
  3. Debt Recovery based on the regulations of Law 85/2006 – The Insolvency law. If the claim meets the legal requirements stipulated in Law 85/2006 our team will advise and represent the client in the procedure under the insolvency law to recover the debt.
  4. Debt Recovery under EU Law. If you have a claim against a company in the EU or abroad we will assist you in recovering the debt, through our collaborators – lawyers in the European Union.


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