Immigration lawyers in Romania

Legal services provided by our team of Romanian lawyers

A Romanian immigration lawyer will assist you in submitting the required documentation and will give legal advice in choosing the wright Romanian visa for each client, individually.

Lawyers in Romania can assist in obtaining the necessary documents to legally work and live in Romania, an issue that can be very challenging and time-consuming since immigration laws change without prior notice.
Types of Romanian visas issued by Romania are: the Romanian airport transit visa; the Romanian transit visa; the Romanian short-stay visa; the Romanian long-stay visa.
Staying in Romania as a foreigner is permitted for the duration of the visa or the residency permits obtained. If you are a foreigner and need assistance in immigration law issues it is best to seek the assistance of a lawyer specializing in immigration law.
Romanian lawyers can provide guidance and consultancy services regarding all issues such as:
♦Assistance and consultancy for obtaining the right type of Romanian Visa – business, work, commercial activities, tourism and study;
♦Processing on your behalf Residence Permit applications (for non-EU citizens) or Registration certificate applications for EU citizens;
♦Legal advice on rules and regulations that inflict over the issuance, renewal, and cancellation of the Work Authorization;
♦Advice about taxes and social security contributions due in Romania;
♦Handling the translation, authentication, acknowledgement and validation with the Ministry of Education of the apostilled diploma;
♦Registration with the National Health Insurance Agency – the non-EU citizens who are assigned by a foreign employer to a Romanian company, and their family members;
♦Managing the Romanian immigration process and liaising with Romanian Immigration Office, Embassies or Consulates, Ministry of Education, Trade Registry, Health Insurance Body, on behalf of the client;
♦Legal immigration advice for the family reunion – helping the family members of your employees obtain the necessary Visa to come to Romania, and afterwards the Residence Permit or Residence Card (for non-EU citizens married to EU citizens assigned to work in Romania).

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